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This company blossomed as the byproduct of a Western girl with a passion for holistic medicine, colliding with a fierce passion for botany, mycology, and herbology. I am Courtney Jost, founder of LoreLune Leaves. I received my degree in Investigative & Medical Science (minors in Biology and Health Care Ethics) from St. Louis University, and have since bopped around the Great Lakes doing neurologic research with Rush University, Harvard University, and Cleveland Clinic.

Amidst a religiously-perplexing upbringing, nature has remained my Church. Through every circumstance, it has been an unyielding and powerful conglomeration of catharsis that can ground, humble, and appease me. I find wonder and mystery when I am surrounded by the elements. And having a botanical presence in my home creates a peaceful environment that cultivates inspiration.

I began this company with indoor house plants, the medium through which my passion first grew. This quickly grew into so much more- a place where I can learn and educate others about all things botany, mycology, and herbology. It is my goal to offer new approaches to the way we consider medicine- with an emphasis on tapping into Kingdom Fungi and the art of prevention rather than just treatment. If you'd like some empowerment into the wonders of Kingdom Fungi, mycoremediation, houseplant propagation, hydroponics, and all these other passions of mine, you can find them here, on YouTube.

Thank you for following along in this journey we are all on together. 


Mush Love,


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Tropical Leaves

Cyrell T.

Courtney provides a lot of unique and fun plants to choose from! The monthly clipping box is amazing and the plants are always super healthy and cool 😎


Manuela H.

My experience with LoreLune Leaves was fantastic. My plants were received timely and in excellent condition. I asked for a surprise clippings box giving the requirement of 'colorful' and got a beautiful assortment of well cared for and well packaged clippings. Customer service was also impeccable, as I had some questions about care and was answered thoroughly. The passion for the plants is palpable. I will definitely be a return customer!


Walker T.

All new propagation station (bottom shelf) courtesy of Courtney Jost. I ordered all of these beautiful cuttings from her and 10/10 will order again.


join the family!

Thank you for shopping natural and sustainable!