Frequently asked questions

What are all those cocoa puff looking things in your photos?

LECA! Lightweight, expandable, clay aggregate :) It is a semi-hydroponic medium used for growing plants. To learn more about how and why I use LECA, subscribe to my site and/or Youtube channel! :)

Are my plant requests a guarantee?

I do my absolute best to take preferences into consideration when fulfilling orders! However, ultimately it depends on how many healthy, viable clippings I have available at time of order fulfillment. I do my absolute best to blend as many of your preferences as possible, with some surprises as well! Thank you for understanding.

How do I water propagate?

What happens if my order does not arrive happy and healthy?

Please send a message to info@lorelune.com with photos of your plant clippings. I am happy to file USPS claims and work with customers. Where it is my fault, I always work to send replacement and make sure my customers are happy. :)