Image by Sarah Dorweiler


Most orders are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays through USPS 2-day Priority to ensure they do not get stuck in the post office over the weekend. Processing time is 3-10 days, and shipping is always flat rate for priority. As of right now, we have minimum staff able to package plants due to COVID-19, so we appreciate your patience and small business support, and try our very best to get packages out within 3-5 days of order. 


 We package all plants with love and care- in Superthrive-infused soil or peat  moss, paper towel, saran wrap, and then cushioned for transit with all upcycled materials (We make rounds in our local community to pick up packaging supplies that would otherwise be thrown out!) If you live in a colder area, please request a heating pack at check-out! This will ensure your plants arrive healthy and happy.


Due to the fragile nature of clippings, I do not ordinarily accept returns. However, if your package arrived damaged, I am happy to file a USPS claim with you, and I am always more than happy to work with my customers if plant babies arrive in less-than-suitable condition. Shoot me a message and I am always happy to work something out with you! My goal is for everyone to feel happy after an experience with LoreLune! :)


I accept Paypal, Facebook Pay, Cashapp, Apple Pay, and Venmo right now! Select local pick up or other payment option at checkout, and include your handle in the order if that's how you prefer to pay.


-How do I water propagate my plants?

-Please check out this Youtube video or this blog for more info on water propagation!

On that note, this link will take you to my semi-hydroponics playlist, where you can learn all about LECA (lightweight expandable clay aggregate), and learn if it is the right option for  you! More info on my blog here.

-Will LoreLune be offering more mushroom products? 

Yes! We have plans underway to begin production and sales of our Reishi, Lion's Mane, and Turkeytail tinctures, as well as some fun dehydrated mushrooms and potentially grow kits in the near future! Subscribe to my email list through this site to stay up-to-date!

-My plant is not doing so well! Can I reach out for advice?

The main purpose of putting this business together was to connect with a planty, mycophile, botanical, herbological community. I am happy to help you troubleshoot and try to make myself pretty available! Shoot me a message and we will figure it out! :)

-Is LoreLune your main gig?

No! "By day," I am a Research Coordinator for the Cleveland Clinic Center for Brain Health and work on a host of clinical and intervention trials, largely with the Alzheimer's and Lewy Body Dementia community. I have worked in research for 6-7 years now, having worked for Rush University Medical Center and Harvard, Saint Louis University Hospitals, and now Cleveland Clinic. I am a future medical student applicant, and one day hope to merge my love of plants, mycology, and herbology with my clinical practice, in whatever way that may be!


Right now, I have thoughts about opening an apothecary, but there's a lot I want to do in the way of health care policy and investing before I get there! My dream would be to work in medicine while also providing service to those who do  not have access to insurance. I'm also cooking up a handful of other ideas (as per usual). Ultimately, I think wellness should be available for everyone. And I'm here to explore all the ways wellness is possible. :)

-Please email for all business requests/endorsements.